Allison Allbee

Fulcrum Fellows

2017 - 2018

Field Catalysts

2021 - 2022

Focus Area:
Affordable HousingCommunity and Economic DevelopmentCommunity HealthRacial Equity
Groundworks Consulting
Oakland, California

Allison Allbee, MCP, MS Arch, is the co-founder of Groundworks Solutions. During her time in the Fulcrum Fellowship, she was a Senior Planner at ChangeLab Solutions where she guided a team of public health analysts, planners, and lawyers focused on expanding access to safe, stable, affordable housing and healthy neighborhoods. She has expertise in community-based research and policy development with a focus on city planning and housing. Previously, she was a program director focusing on equitable educational assessment systems and worked in jails, schools, and youth development programs for nearly 15 years. Allison graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in community studies and received concurrent master’s degrees in building science and city planning from UC Berkeley. When she isn’t working, she’s avoiding disasters and conjuring magic on the dance floor, in her art studio, and kitchen.

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