Gretchen Beesing

Fulcrum Fellows

2021 - 2022

Field Catalysts


Focus Area:
Community and Economic DevelopmentRacial EquityShared Ownership
Yes/And Strategies LLC
Miami, Florida

Gretchen Beesing works as a consultant with the Center for Community Investment, supporting a new initiative focused on shared ownership. Previously, Gretchen was the CEO of Catalyst Miami, where she worked for 16 years. Under Gretchen’s leadership, Catalyst Miami led a consortium of partners to design and implement Florida’s first universal children’s savings program, Future Bound Miami. Catalyst also launched the North Miami Community Investment Cooperative, a commercial real estate cooperative. Gretchen was a 2015 American Express NGEN Fellow (Independent Sector) and a 2019 Ambassador for Health Equity Fellow (PolicyLink and FSG). She is an alumna of the Federal Reserve Board’s Community Leaders Forum. Gretchen is a licensed clinical social worker.

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