Jaime Gloshay

Fulcrum Fellows

2022 - 2023

Focus Area:
Community and Economic DevelopmentFinanceRacial Equity
Native Women Lead
Co-Director and Co-Founder
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Agnetha Jaime Gloshay is a Co-Director of Native Women Lead, where she oversees capital expansion, fundraising, program design, international development, and evaluation efforts. She is a Movement Partner with Justice Funder’s Just Transition in Investment Community, a Partnership Committee member for Community Credit Lab, a SheEO Activator, and an Advisor for Angels of Impact. She is also a facilitator for Kindle Project’s Indigenous Women’s Flow Fund and a supporting faculty member for Trauma of Money. Jaime holds a BA in Native American Studies & Political Science and an MPA in Public Management from the University of New Mexico.

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