Keisha González

Fulcrum Fellows

2022 - 2023

Focus Area:
Community and Economic DevelopmentPhilanthropyRacial Equity
Cleveland Foundation
Program Director, Economic and Community Development & Social Impact Investing
Cleveland, Ohio

Keisha González is a community development professional with robust place-keeping tools. She has experience in stabilizing communities while preparing them to capture wealth introduced by market pressures. Her work is grounded in the truth that communities cannot be curated into a state of thriving, but instead, they can be resourced to reclaim autonomy from the systems that have made them vulnerable. Keisha is part of the Cleveland Foundation’s program team, supporting its annual $7 million grantmaking portfolio in Neighborhood Revitalization & Economic Development. Additionally, she aligns with senior leadership and finance to steward the foundation’s $37 million in social impact investments (PRI & Recoverable Grants).

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