Putting Race, Gender, and Equity at the Heart of Community Development

A diverse group of people work together to paint a colorful mural

Inequality and segregation are persistent and urgent challenges. The community development field has powerful tools that can be leveraged to help combat these issues. However, that'll require a paradigm shift: Race, equity, and gender have to be put at the heart of community development work.

In a recent paper⁠⁠—Race, Gender and Equity in Community Development: Top 10 Findings, 6 Ways Forward—CCI consultant Nancy O. Andrews discusses the need for a renewed focus on equity and social justice in community development and provides a prescription for change. The work was jointly published by the Urban Institute, the Opportunity Finance Network, and the Low Income Investment Fund.

Download the full paper to explore the findings and recommended policy reforms. For a quick look at the ideas highlighted in the paper, check out this Q&A with Nancy.

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