We Are Standing with You

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What can I say to all of you, our friends and colleagues, at this weird time? That our thoughts are with you, your loved ones, and your communities as we all cope with the public health crisis caused by COVID-19 and the economic crisis that has followed in its wake… That we share your frustration at the upended plans and the changes, large and small, that this situation is requiring of us… That we understand the impact this crisis is having on people and communities already made vulnerable by structures and policies that are deeply unjust and deeply rooted in our racist history and politics?

At the Center for Community Investment, we have been talking to many of you over the past two weeks and hearing how this situation is affecting you personally and professionally. We have been impressed by your determination and resilience, which undergirds so much of your work. We stand ready to assist you in whatever ways we can: organizing virtual sessions on topics of shared interest; scheduling individual or team coaching sessions; responding to questions by email…please let us know what would be helpful.

This is a time when emergent thinking demonstrates its value. Our plans will not unfold exactly as we expected, but those of us not on the front lines of emergency response can ask ourselves two questions: What is still possible to accomplish in the current environment? And what is made possible now that might have been unthinkable before? 

There’s an old fable about a powerful king who asks a sage for a bit of wisdom to lift him up in difficult times and bring him back down to earth when he is riding too high. The sage came back with “This too shall pass.” Today we find ourselves in just such difficult times, and it’s helpful to remember the sage’s wisdom. We don’t know what lies ahead or how the current pandemic will unfold, but we do know that one day it shall pass, and regardless of what the world looks like on that day, we will adapt and continue our work.

In these difficult times, let’s hold ourselves, our loved ones, and each other gently, and keep moving forward, doing what we can to help make the world a better place for the most vulnerable among us. 

Stay safe and be well,

Robin Hacke
Executive Director, Center for Community Investment

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