Maggie Parker

Managing Partner Innovan Neighborhoods , Dallas TX
Maggie has caramel skin and short kinky hair. She wears teardrop pendant earrings and smiles softly, showing her teeth. She has bright pink lipstick and a blue blazer

Maggie Parker is the Managing Partner and founder of Innovan Neighborhoods, LLC, a community-oriented development and consulting firm. Innovan Neighborhoods partners with nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and neighborhood associations to implement their vision. Innovan works to build and strengthen neighborhoods in concert with community stakeholders, from joint ventures for affordable single-family homes to leading phased, master-planning development strategies in transitioning neighborhoods.

Through Fulcrum, Maggie is working to launch the Community Developers Roundtable, a collective network and capacity building initiative for established nonprofit and for-profit community-oriented real estate developers, primarily led by people of color

Transforming investment in communities

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