Mileyka Burgos-Flores

Executive Director The Allapatah Collaborative CDC , Miami FL
Mileyka has caramel colored skin and long, straight, dark brown hair pushed back to show one turquoise earring. She smiles wide and is wearing a navy blazer over a red striped top.

Mileyka Burgos-Flores is a Dominican-American activist and founding Executive Director of The Allapattah Collaborative, CDC—a place-based nonprofit organization that uses the Main Street Approach to preserve and expand cultural authenticity and wealth building in marginalized immigrant enclaves. Mileyka holds a BA from the University of Miami and an MA from Florida International University. She has been a champion in asset-framing Latinx immigrant contributions and experience. Mileyka has been an active member of various nonprofit organizations where she has mentored students, designed programs, provided scholarships and inspired others to reach their optimum potential.

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