Tara Agrawal

Director of Community Investment Boston Children's Hospital , Boston MA
Tara has olive skin and short brown hair in a pixie cut with bangs brushed forward. She smiles with her mouth closed, showing dimples.

Tara Agrawal manages Boston Children’s Hospital $53.4 million commitment to community health initiatives for children, youth, and families. The initiatives have provided grants and capital to support childcare centers, fresh food access, housing, and mental health services for children, youth, and families in Boston and across Massachusetts. In her role, Tara expands the hospital’s engagement with diverse working-class communities. Prior to joining Boston Children’s, Tara held roles in public health leadership and research across government, nonprofit and international nongovernmental sectors including the City of Boston, Food Chain Workers Alliance, and United Nation Children’s Fund. She has published research on food, labor, and families. Tara holds a BA from the University of California Santa Cruz, an MS from the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition, and a PhD from Cornell University

Transforming investment in communities

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