ResourcesExploring Community Land Ownership: An Annotated Bibliography

Exploring Community Land Ownership: An Annotated Bibliography

Topics Affordable Housing Community and Economic Development Pipeline Racial Equity Shared Ownership Shared Priorities

This annotated bibliography aims to curate a variety of resources focused on the many aspects of community ownership of land, highlighting its benefits, obstacles, and real-world applications across varied contexts. It includes a mix of materials such as scholarly articles, case studies, and guides. The resources are chosen to shed light on different models and strategies related to collective ownership of land, providing an understanding of its importance and implications.

Sources have been selected from libraries and online platforms to offer a broad view of the topic. While the bibliography is thorough, it is not exhaustive and is anchored in concepts of community wealth building and solidarity economies. It is intended to serve as a practical resource for practitioners from all backgrounds by offering useful information about shared ownership.

The bibliography provides a basis for policy development, academic research, and community projects, acknowledging that community ownership of land is a complex concept, influenced by numerous factors that can impact its outcomes. We hope this bibliography acts as a helpful tool, simplifying the exploration and discussion of the subject matter, and assisting with a grounded and nuanced understanding of this emergent field.

Exploring Community Land Ownership - An Annotated Bibliography
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