The Center for Community Investment Introduces Its Inaugural Class of Fulcrum Fellows!

The Center for Community Investment is excited to announce the 12 members of its first class of Fulcrum Fellows.

The Fulcrum Fellowship, a 15-month program for rising leaders in the fields of population health, climate resilience, community development, urban planning, and community investment, is designed to position fellows to help disinvested communities achieve their environmental, social and economic priorities.

“Our first cohort of Fulcrum Fellows is a dynamic group of leaders ready to scale efforts that make positive differences in the lives of people in their communities,” said Robin Hacke, Executive Director of the Center. “The challenges and proposed solutions they shared with us during the application process were very impressive. I am confident that with the support of this fellowship, they will make significant strides to advance equity, health, and well-being in their respective communities.”

Participating in the inaugural class of Fulcrum Fellows are:

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Meet our Team: Alyia Smith-Parker Gaskins

Each month, we’ll be profile a new member of the CCI Team. First up: Alyia Smith-Parker Gaskins, Assistant Director of Programs/Health.

Welcome to CCI, Alyia! What’s your role here?

My role is to help the Center and the communities we work with rethink the ways they deploy their assets to promote the health and well-being of all residents. I’m am also helping the Center better engage the health system leaders in accelerating investments in building healthy communities.

What about CCI’s work most excites you?

I am most excited about working with people on the ground who are or might be engaged in community investment efforts, and the opportunity to help them transform the places they live and work into places with robust opportunities to thrive. I’m looking forward to working with leaders who are passionate about place and people.

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What’s Next for Pioneering Health Institutions Investing in the Social Determinants of Health?

Our research into how health institutions are participating in the community investment system suggested that only a small minority of health systems are actively investing in improving the upstream social determinants of health. Earlier this year, we took the opportunity to gather 10 of these leading institutions together to deepen our understanding of what it took these institutions to get where they are, what their next phase of work might look like, and what it would take to get there.

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What Will It Take to Advance Climate Adaptation Equitably?

Low-income communities are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. From flooding to air quality, adverse heat effects, and energy constraints and reliability, our most disadvantaged citizens are among those at highest risk of negative health impacts and loss of life and property.

Increasingly, cities across the United States are acknowledging that addressing climate change can’t only include mitigation efforts, but must also include activities to prepare for more frequent and intense natural disasters and weather events. Some cities are developing climate action plans, and considering how climate will affect equity and impact key systems and assets, such as transportation, power and essential services.  However, clear prioritization of recommendations and detail as to how those recommendations will be implemented are relatively less developed within cities.

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CCI Leads Capital Absorption Workshop in Miami

In opening remarks to a group assembled for a capital absorption workshop at the Beacon Council on July 11, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava proclaimed, “When we do this right, we will not only have solved transportation problems, but will also have built economic opportunity—and will have done it in a way that addresses resilience challenges in Miami-Dade County.”  

Facilitated by the Center for Community Investment and coordinated by local leaders Gretchen Beesing of Catalyst Miami and Shekeria Brown of the South Florida Community Development Coalition, the workshop brought together a cross-sector group of Miami-Dade County leaders to consider how to move forward with the Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit Plan (SMART) in a way that aligns with their community priorities.   

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