Fulcrum Fellowship

The Fulcrum Fellowship is an intensive, hands-on program designed to equip leaders with the community investment, racial equity, and adaptive leadership knowledge and skills to ignite lasting change in communities.

We are so excited to jump into 2024 by welcoming our newest class of Fulcrum Fellows. To create each leadership development cohort, we seek out field-level leaders across housing, climate resilience, philanthropy, and community and economic development who are ready to develop their leadership skills and utilize our frameworks to spark more resilient, equitable communities nationwide. Scroll to the bottom of this page to meet the cohort!

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The Fulcrum Fellowship positions leaders to collaborate across silos and sectors to change how community investment is organized and deployed.

The environments in which people live, work, and play powerfully determine the choices and opportunities they have to shape their lives. However, legacies of racial discrimination and disinvestment impede communities from realizing their environmental, social, and economic priorities. In this year-long program, Fellows focus on a strategic priority in their own work to address these injustices. Through multi-day seminars (some in person, some virtual), monthly coaching calls, ongoing staff support, and resource sessions, the program responds to Fellows’ needs and interests and their community priorities.

What Fulcrum Fellows Do

CCI’s Capital Absorption Framework is an approach that communities can use to organize capital for what matters most to them: climate resilience infrastructure, shared ownership of community assets, the production and preservation of affordable housing at a scale that meets community needs, inclusive economic development, and much more. By articulating a shared priority, creating and executing an investable pipeline of projects, and improving their enabling environment (the context in which investment takes place), communities can move toward achieving their goals at scale and building more effective community investment systems so that they can more easily and efficiently accomplish those goals. 

Use the capital absorption framework to create and execute a robust pipeline of investable, high-impact opportunities that address inequities  

Apply systems thinking to tackle racial inequities and economic marginalization.

Design strategies and take action on urgent issues within their communities, with a particular attention to scale and systems change  

Build critical self-awareness and mindsets needed to inspire and facilitate powerful collaborations  

Learn about financial tools to achieve greater scale and impact  

Join an active and racially diverse network of committed, mutually supportive leaders working toward the same racial equity goals  


The instruction that came from Fulcrum and the network played a key role in helping to influence how our organization does the work. That’s real. If we had taken a transactional approach, I don’t think we would have the same quality of momentum or community support.

Damon Burns, Finance New Orleans

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During and after their time in the Fulcrum Fellowship, CCI supports participants in their work as thought leaders. See what they have written over the years.

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