Shared Ownership

CCI seeks to deepen our understanding of how best to apply the Capital Absorption Framework to shared ownership initiatives. Ownership of land can increase community control and power while contributing to intergenerational wealth-building, thus transforming communities while building a more inclusive economic system. Our goal is to accelerate the work of emerging shared ownership initiatives and exponentially increase resources flowing to such efforts in low-income communities of color. 

A New Framework for Community Investment

Community wealth building, economic democracy, shared ownership and the solidarity economy are all emergent and powerful frames that work to counter the current state of American capitalism and its inequitable and racist consequences. Our communities are like pressure cookers: they face development pressure as well as economic and ecological strain. A growing number of organizations and networks across the country are exploring new shared ownership models, adding them to the toolbox for self-determination in low-income communities of color—returning control of land, businesses, resources, and decision-making to the people. 

Building a New Economy

Shared ownership models have the potential to make groundbreaking shifts toward racial and economic equity. But as with any community development model, the scope and scale must reach critical mass to shift systems. The Capital Absorption Framework has the potential to help quicken the pace of capital flowing into shared ownership projects and help leaders ensure that members of historically disinvested communities are steering the work. Over the next few months, we will be talking with leaders of shared ownership initiatives to better understand their aspirations, challenges, and accomplishments. As CCI explores this new landscape, we want to hear from our network about how shared ownership is shaping up in your communities.

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We offer tools, research, and ideas to help those implementing shared ownership strategies. Have more to add? Contact [email protected]

Advancing Local Community Investment Systems

Participants in CCI’s programs develop capital absorption, racial equity, leadership, and collaboration skills to create the specific opportunities residents seek.

Past Programs

The multisector place-based teams in Connect Capital used the Capital Absorption Framework to lay the groundwork for attracting and deploying capital at scale to achieve economic and development community goals.

The Connecting Capital and Community (3C) initiative, funded by JPMorgan Chase & Co, addresses the racial inequities at the core of the housing ecosystem in six cities across the country.

Past Programs

Hospitals and health systems can be game-changing participants in efforts to improve conditions in the places they serve. They can do this through investing upstream in the social determinants, harnessing an array of assets to create more equitable, sustainable, and healthy communities.

Field Leaders

Meet some of the people working to build community wealth through shared ownership. 

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