Focus Areas

CCI offers a community investment approach that communities can use to organize capital for what matters most to them. Below are some of the areas where community partnerships that center racial equity and the Capital Absorption Framework can make a difference.

Capital absorption is an essential framework for producing and preserving the equitable, quality affordable housing that communities need for all their residents to thrive.

As communities navigate the impacts of climate change, the Capital Absorption Framework will help leaders work together to design equitable strategies and innovative financing for climate resilience.

The Capital Absorption Framework unlocks the capital needed to undo structural racism so that all communities can thrive by meeting local needs and transforming their investment systems.

Foundations have the knowledge, wide-ranging relationships, multifaceted resources, and flexibility to be powerful supports for innovation in local community investment systems.

Hospitals, health systems, and health insurance plans are increasingly focused on community health. Their mission, resources, and relationships make them invaluable community investment participants and partners.