Program Areas

Community leaders in CCI’s initiatives use the capital absorption framework to strengthen collaborative networks, increase the supply of financial resources in their communities and direct them to community priorities, and advance transformative changes in local policies and practices.

Changing the Investment System

People with powerful visions for their communities have struggled to get the funds they need because of the ways structural racism channels resources to communities that already have them and further disinvests those that don’t. CCI’s Capital Absorption Framework helps people build stronger, more equitable community investment systems.


Our Initiatives

Creating Opportunity

Connecting Capital and Community

For everyone to have a chance of leading a healthy and productive life, all communities must ensure access to safe, affordable homes. This requires effective collaboration by multiple organizations and sectors at the level of individual transactions and at the scale of the community investment system.

Improving Lives

Connect Capital

Cross-sector teams in six communities across the country came together to improve the lives of their residents and increase access to opportunity. Teams used the capital absorption framework to expand and advance their local community investment systems.  

Advancing Health Equity

Accelerating Investments for Healthy Communities

Place matters when it comes to the social determinants of health. Health institutions can improve outcomes for their community by investing upstream in affordable housing—a key determinant of community health.

Past Programs

Our shorter programs have utilized learnings from our initiatives so that more leaders can use our approach to transform community investment.

Past Programs

Noé Montes for Lift to Rise

Designed for leaders committed to learning and applying a systems approach to community investment in affordable housing with a lens of addressing racial inequities and economic marginalization in their communities.


Past Programs

Designed for leaders committed to leveraging community investment for affordable housing protection, preservation, and development; climate adaptation strategies; small business protection; and food equity.


Explore Other Programs

CCI offers many entry points to capital absorption and equitable community investment. Take a look at our programs, dive into the resources for our focus areas, or join our network.


Cross-sector partnerships can find solutions to complex problems through community-led change efforts. CCI can help you strengthen your local community investment systems so that your community can reach its full potential.

Fulcrum Fellowship

The Fulcrum Fellowship is an intensive, hands-on program designed to equip leaders with the community investment, racial equity, and adaptive leadership knowledge and skills to ignite lasting change in communities.

Field Catalyst

Field Catalysts are transformational leaders from across the country, trained to become adaptive leadership coaches and community investment experts, boosting our impact and accelerating the field.

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