How and where we build shapes how communities experience climate risks and benefits. And the communities most exposed to floods, fire, hurricanes, drought, and other climate-related disasters are often underinsured communities of color whose residents have low incomes.

Investing in Climate Justice

Acknowledging the link between community development and climate change is essential to equitable climate-resilient investment. The community investment field can help take the lead in shaping climate policy and practice and creating equitable, community-led finance solutions to today’s climate resilience challenges. 

Equitable Climate Resilience

Communities of color who face disproportionate climate risks need to create climate solutions—and find funds to implement them. Addressing local climate challenges—emissions reduction, climate resilience, disaster recovery—will require collaboration across fields, simultaneous work on multiple fronts and time frames, and innovative finance solutions. 


Climate Resources

We offer tools, research, and ideas to help those implementing climate resilience solutions.

Advancing Local Community Investment Systems

Participants in CCI’s programs develop capital absorption, racial equity, leadership, and collaboration skills to create the specific opportunities residents seek.

Past Programs

The multisector place-based teams in Connect Capital used the capital absorption framework to lay the groundwork for attracting and deploying capital at scale to achieve community goals.

Field Leaders

Meet some of the people working to advance climate equity.

The Public Finance Initiative
Executive Director
Boston, Massachusetts
Wells Fargo
Vice President, Climate Aligned Philanthropy, and Partnership Lead
San Francisco, California
City of Eugene
Intergovernmental Relations and Sustainability Manager
Eugene, Oregon
BlueHub Capital
Chief Operating Officer
New York, New York

The Latest from CCI

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