Meet our Staff: Adriane Bond Harris

Adriane Bond Harris

On July 1, Adriane Bond Harris joined the Center for Community Investment as Advisor, Community Investment. Read on to learn more about her and her new role!

Welcome, Adriane!  How would you describe your role at CCI?
As CCI’s new community investment advisor, I support CCI’s existing programs, Accelerating Investment for Healthy Communities, Connect Capital, the Fulcrum Fellowship, as well as any other future initiatives that may develop. I also work across programs to advance a critical component of CCI’s capital absorption framework, specifically related to creating a pipeline of investable projects throughout CCI’s network. 

What about the Center’s work most excites you? 
The Center takes an innovative approach to community investment by framing the work as a system rather than strictly transaction-based decisions.  Using CCI’s capital absorption framework, communities can leverage public, private, and philanthropic investment through a process of identifying shared priorities and creating services and development that will be used for the sustainability of residents and communities.  Overall, I look forward to learning more about transforming at-risk communities through multi-sector investment to increase housing affordability and community stability in cities and towns across the country. I am also quite excited to expand the framework and this community investment work with other community development and affordable housing professionals nationally.  

How did your early career and interests lead you to this field?
As an urban planner, I am always inclined to think holistically about the health and well-being of communities. From where parks, grocery stores, and schools are located to how residents access services, cities are puzzle pieces that require critical thinking and engagement, particularly related to addressing the gaps and needs of low-income and communities of color.  This role allows the opportunity to use my planning background as well as my experience in community development and housing to promote the health and sustainability of these communities often left behind.

Tell us a bit more about your connection to CCI.
My introduction to the Center began when I participated in the inaugural class of Fulcrum Fellows. I learned so much about leadership development, systems thinking, and the Capital Absorption Framework, which helped me think through complex programming, partnerships, and priorities in my own community at the time, Nashville, TN. The fellowship connected me to an invaluable network of community development and housing professionals from all over the country. 

When you’re not at work, you are…
When not at work, I’m raising my son and daughter and spending as much time as possible with family and friends, reading, and growing my music playlists and podcasts library. 

What is the most compelling book you’ve read in the past year? 
The Hate U Give.  This book, although fictional, paints a picture of how kids and families in urban areas are impacted by violence and how the lack of support and services are critical to the overall success of children and communities overall.  

People would be surprised to know…
I am the youngest of eight children from a rural town in Tennessee. Having grown up in the South, and within such a large family, I am inclined to collaborate and think regionally and systemically to leverage resources. Having a large family has provided the structure for how I problem solve and engage with others, no matter my role, with empathy, active listening, intentional communication, and constant efforts to build relationships.

What is your media diet?
Right now, I’m all about podcasts.  There is a new podcast I like called Dope Labs hosted by two African American women scientists who talk about health issues affecting minority communities, but in a relatable way for all ages.  I also frequent The Skimm, the Washington Post, and CBS This Morning for news throughout the day.    

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