Connect Capital: Coachella Valley, CA

Building Housing for an Inclusive Future

Coachella Valley is a 45-mile desert region in Southern California that is home to some of the nation’s most famous resort towns, including Palm Springs and Palm Desert. Easily reached from Los Angeles, the area is both a bastion of tourism and an agricultural bread basket. As a result, Coachella Valley’s population is split between those who can afford the expensive resort housing and vacation services, and the area’s low-wage agricultural and service industry workers. In an effort to improve economic opportunities for Coachella Valley’s low-income residents, the Connect Capital team is leading an ambitious effort to develop and preserve affordable and mixed-income housing in this region, where nearly 55 percent of residents spend more than 30 percent of their annual income on housing.


To increase economic stability and well-being among the area’s low-wage workers, the Coachella Valley Connect Capital team aims to significantly reduced the percentage of rent-burdened residents through the development and preservation of affordable and mixed-income housing. In doing so, the team hopes to foster many of the secondary benefits linked to affordable housing, including improved physical and mental health, and increased access to economic opportunities.


The Coachella Valley Connect Capital travel team consists of municipal officials, the county economic development agency, a financial institution, and community-based organizations. The larger home team includes representation from financial and anchor institutions, social service agencies, municipal government and an association of governments.

Transforming investment in communities


CCI is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, and The California Endowment.

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