Fulcrum Fellowship

Fulcrum Fellowship

A highly-selective leadership program for rising executives seeking to help disinvested communities achieve their environmental, social and economic priorities.

The environments in which people live, work and play powerfully determine the choices and opportunities people have to shape their lives. In disadvantaged communities, the legacies of discrimination and disinvestment combine with perceived risk to impede the flow of capital that could finance transformation and broaden opportunity. We aspire to support leaders as they work to transform communities so that all people can realize their potential and lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

To transform communities, leaders need to collaborate across silos and sectors to change how community investment is organized and deployed. They need support to move away from “business as usual” thinking and practices and apply ideas, tools, and strategies from other communities and disciplines in order to develop new solutions.

The Fulcrum Fellowship is an intensive, year-long program designed to equip leaders with the tools and knowledge to ignite lasting change in communities. Grounded in an action-learning framework, the program is designed to position fellows to help disinvested communities achieve their environmental, social and economic priorities.

Over the course of the program, the competitively-selected Fellows receive monthly coaching calls and convene quarterly to: build adaptive leadership skills need to tackle challenges associated with racial inequities and economic marginalization; apply new frameworks and financial tools to achieve greater scale and impact; use assessments to strengthen their leadership effectiveness; and foster relationships that support peer learning.

Become a Fulcrum Fellow

Applications for the third cohort of Fulcrum Fellows will open in summer 2019. 

Fulcrum Fellow Alumni

Past Fellows on the value of the Fulcrum Fellowship:

JaNet Defell

The Fulcrum Fellowship is in-depth, with one-on-one coaching tailored to you, and action-oriented . . . It’s been helpful in forcing me to take a step back, reflect on my leadership strengths and gaps, and figure out what else I need to be more effective.
Ja’Net Defell, Lead Developer–Michigan, IFF
Fulcrum Fellow, Cohort 1

Rudy Espinoza

As much as the fellowship is about us as individuals and moving our challenge, it’s also about supporting the other members of the group...What’s special about being in this community is it allows us to push each other to think bigger and do things in ways we haven’t done before. 
Rudy Espinoza, Executive Director, LURN
Fulcrum Fellow, Cohort 1


(The top image on this page is by Rudy Espinoza.)

Transforming investment in communities

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