Expanding Place-based Investment Cohort (EPIC)

The Healthcare Anchor Network (HAN) is a growing national collaboration of 70+ leading healthcare systems working to build more inclusive and sustainable local economies. The Expanding Place-based Investment Cohort (EPIC) was designed to support HAN members in achieving their place-based investment goals. Through this partnership, the Center for Community Investment will support four HAN members in understanding how to use the tools of the Capital Absorption Framework for their place-based investments. By articulating shared priorities, creating and executing an investable pipeline of projects, and improving the enabling environment, health care leaders can support their institutions to partner with development practitioners and residents in recognizing a collective vision for their community.

Anchor Institutions Can Be Catalytic Collaborators

Signatories to HAN’s PBI leadership commitment are required to allocate at least 1% or $50 million (whichever is less) of long-term investable assets to local impact investments. CCI has learned through our work with health institutions originating in the Accelerating Investments for Healthy Communities initiative, that Health Systems can bring more than just capital to community development. Those who identify as anchor institutions have greater potential to play a catalytic and continuous role in addressing local challenges like affordable housing and food access through forming relationships that center the voices of their neighbors and build meaningful public-private partnerships.  EPIC will support selected partners in not only making place-based investments, but also, become partners to a solution that improves the community investment ecosystem in their service areas.  

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Anchor Institutions Invest with Purpose 

Over 18 months in the program, institutions will work to form partnerships that build healthier communities by: 

Developing cross-department teams and processes capable of advancing place-based investments (e.g., advisory committees, due diligence procedures, decision-making criteria, etc.)

Generating strategies for place-based investments that leverage other public, private, and governmental funding to address the issue at the scale of the problemIncorporating racial equity into their investment strategy

Increasing knowledge of community development, affordable housing, and public-private partnerships in order to bolster advocacy efforts to improve community investment efforts

Learning how the Capital Absorption Framework can be used to advance place-based investments to scale the impact of health system investments over time

Incorporating racial equity into their investment strategy

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Expanding Place-Based Investments with Champions for Community Health  

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