Fulcrum Fellowship

2020-2021 Fulcrum Fellows

We are pleased to announce CCI’s 2020-2021 Fulcrum Fellows—16 phenomenal leaders who will spend the next year learning how to leverage community investment to tackle a plethora of challenges associated with racial inequities and economic marginalization in their communities.

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About the Program

The Fulcrum Fellowship is an intensive, year-long leadership development program designed and facilitated by the Center for Community Investment at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. 

CCI recognizes that the environments in which people live, work, and play powerfully determine the choices and opportunities people have to shape their lives. In many communities across the United States, the legacies of discrimination and disinvestment combine with perceived risk to impede the flow of capital that could finance transformation and broaden opportunity. The program brings together approximately a dozen current and rising leaders who are committed to using community investment to move a strategic challenge of critical importance to their organization and community.

The Fellowship includes: monthly coaching calls; five in-person, multi-day seminars; and additional peer support. Grounded in an action-learning framework, Fellows will: 

  • Build adaptive leadership skills to tackle challenges associated with racial inequities and economic marginalization 
  • Learn about and apply financial tools to achieve greater scale and impact 
  • Use the capital absorption framework to create and execute a robust pipeline of investable high-impact opportunities that address inequities 
  • Use assessments to craft an individualized plan to strengthen their leadership effectiveness 
  • Create, execute, and receive feedback on action plans to make progress on their challenge, with particular attention to scale and systems change 
  • Develop and learn from a powerful racially diverse network that includes committed leaders with an array of experiences and perspectives. 

For a more in-depth look into the Fulcrum Fellowship and how it's helped leaders across the nation, watch the following video:

Meet the Fulcrum Fellows

Current Cohort

2020-2021 Fulcrum Fellows (Combined Headshots in a Square Formation)

  • Click here to explore the profiles of the current Fulcrum Fellows.
  • Click here to download a PDF booklet that features more info on the current cohort.

Interested in exploring where each of the Fellows are based? You can do a quick scan using the map below.

Past Cohorts

Fulcrum Alumni

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  • Q&A with Fulcrum Alumni: Click here to dig into our blog series of interviews with Fulcrum Alumni.
  • Inaugural Class: For insights on their experience in the Fellowship and their advice for interested applicants, click here.


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