Fulcrum Fellowship

A multiracial group of twelve adults dressed in business casual pose for a group photo, smiling and hugging each other closer than the average group photo. In the background there are many printouts and sheets of big paper with writing on them.

The Fulcrum Fellowship is an intensive, hands-on program designed to equip leaders with the community investment, racial equity, and adaptive leadership knowledge and skills to ignite lasting change in communities.

The Fellowship recognizes that the environments in which people live, work, and play powerfully determine the choices and opportunities they have to shape their lives. However, legacies of racial discrimination and disinvestment impede communities from realizing their environmental, social, and economic priorities. Grounded in an action-learning framework, the Fulcrum Fellowship positions leaders to collaborate across silos and sectors to change how community investment is organized and deployed.

Sixteen headshots on a blue background under the title "Fulcrum Fellows Class of 2022." The group is multiracial and looks like they are mostly in their mid 30s to mid 40s. Alt-text descriptions of each fellow can be found on their individual pages.

Meet the newest cohort of Fulcrum Fellows here.

About the Program:

This 15-month program includes six multi-day seminars (some in person, some virtual), monthly coaching calls, ongoing staff support, and resource sessions in response to Fellows’ needs and interests. Fellows will:

  • Use the capital absorption framework to create and execute a robust pipeline of investable, high-impact opportunities that address inequities
  • Apply systems thinking to tackle challenges associated with racial inequities and economic marginalization
  • Design strategies and take action on urgent issues within their communities, with a particular attention to scale and systems change
  • Become skilled leaders prepared to inspire and facilitate powerful collaborations
  • Learn about financial tools to achieve greater scale and impact
  • Be part of an active and racially diverse network of committed, mutually supportive leaders working toward the same critical goals

Click here to explore the profiles of Fulcrum Alumni.

Recruitment for the next cycle of Fulcrum Fellows will begin in 2024. Learn more here.

Three photos in a row: First, two brown-skinned men actively listening. They appear to be seated in a circle with colleagues. Second, a Black woman takes a photo on her phone of another Black woman and a brown-skinned man posing together. Third, a group of people in a classroom setting with their tables and the walls around them strewn with printouts, laptops, water bottles, fidget toys, and other evidence of a day of work. All three photos, and photos elsewhere on this page, show the same individuals a few times.

Transforming investment in communities

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