ResourcesIdeas, Arrangements, and Effects

Ideas, Arrangements, and Effects

Topics Leadership Development

Our Fulcrum Fellows and Field Catalysts spend 12-15 months digging deep into their own leadership, building their adaptive skills, and exploring new ways to create systems level change.

A key concept for both groups is Ideas, Arrangements, and Effects, originated by The Design Studio for Social Intervention (ds4si). The cohorts began by unpacking the concept that ideas are embedded within arrangements which in turn produce effects. When fighting complex problems like systemic racism and disinvestment, oftentimes it’s easier to only look at the effects of our unjust systems. Sometimes, we connect those effects to big ideas. But everyday social arrangements are the bridge between ideas and effects and are often a key place to intervene.

Explore our slide deck introducing the concept and learn more with resources from ds4si.

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