Christa Stoneham

Stoneham_Christa_Fulcrum Cohort 5 - Christa Stoneham
Houston Land Bank
Chief Executive Officer & President
Houston, Texas

Christa Stoneham is a distinguished community development professional with a rich tapestry of experience spanning more than 15 years. Graduating from Prairie View A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture, a Master of Architecture degree, and a Master of Community Development degree, Christa’s academic foundation deeply informs her commitment to enhancing the quality of life at both the neighborhood and municipal levels.

In her decade-long journey within municipalities, Christa has honed a unique skill set. Her strong grasp of government processes, coupled with the ability to establish meaningful partnerships, has been instrumental in cultivating collaborations that lead to sustainable impact. At the core of her work is a commitment to fundraising for projects that amplify equity and broaden access to resources.

Appointed as the CEO and President of the Houston Land Bank and the youngest CEO to lead a land bank in the US, Christa Stoneham assumed a pivotal role in facilitating and fundraising for transformative developments in Houston’s most vulnerable communities. Since her leadership, the Houston Land Bank has successfully reactivated properties valued at over $96 million, demonstrating a tangible commitment to community rejuvenation.

During her eight-year tenure at the City of Houston and the Mayor’s Office, Christa’s impact was profound. Directing and fundraising over $30 million for 600 community development projects and programs, she left an indelible mark on Houston’s most vulnerable and underestimated communities, positively influencing the lives of over 20,000 residents.

Christa Stoneham is not just a community leader; she is a catalyst for positive change. Recognized as one of Houston’s top 40 under 40 in 2022, she embodies inclusivity, inspiration, trustworthiness, thoughtfulness, and resourcefulness. Her mission transcends individual achievements, focusing on strengthening people with unique qualities to collaborate and strive for a purpose that extends beyond themselves.

Beyond her role at the Houston Land Bank, Christa actively contributes to Houston’s civic fabric. She is a graduate of the Houston Black Leadership Institute (HBLI), a board member of Blueprint Houston, an equity task force member of Houston 2036, and an advisory board member of the Houston Freedmen’s Town Conservancy. Christa Stoneham stands as a beacon of leadership, passionately working towards creating lasting positive impacts in her community.