Kathy Flanagan Payton

Field Catalyst

2024 - 2025

Focus Area:
Community and Economic Development
160802713_flanagan_payton_kathy_field_catalyst_cohort_3_headshot_1 (1)
Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation
President and CEO
Houston, Texas

A Houston native, Kathy Flanagan-Payton is currently President and CEO for the nationally acclaimed Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation (FWCRC) where she oversees the implementation of the Comprehensive Community Revitalization of Houston’s Historic 5th Ward. FWCRC catalyzes resource to build and preserve an inclusive 5th Ward Community by developing places and opportunities for people to live, work, and play! As both a pioneer and innovator Kathy is leading change that promotes equitable opportunities for women, blacks and the traditionally underserved through both local and national initiatives. Kathy prides herself in being a strategic visionary, transforming the theoretical to the experiential for those she serves and boundaries beyond 5th Ward.