Regina Celestin Williams

Focus Area:
Affordable HousingCommunity and Economic Development
Williams Regina
Executive Director
San José, California

Regina has spent her entire career working towards housing and economic justice through affordable housing and community development because of her personal experience of benefitting from publicly subsidized housing as a child. As the Executive Director of SV@Home, she leads policy and advocacy for affordable housing in Silicon Valley. Prior to joining SV@Home she most recently served as Director of Housing Development at First Community Housing, a leading San José-based affordable housing developer. Regina has also worked as a member of the National Development Council’s East Team, providing housing and economic development consulting services to several East Coast municipalities, leading NDC’s green initiatives, and teaching several courses on community and housing development finance. She previously worked at the National Housing Trust, structuring financing for and overseeing the rehabilitation process of resident occupied affordable housing properties and, at times, working with tenant ownership groups.

Born and raised in Richmond, CA, after a significant stint on the East Coast, Regina has called San José home for several years, having both of her daughters here in the heart of Silicon Valley.