Sasha Werblin

Fulcrum Fellows

2022 - 2023

Focus Area:
Community and Economic DevelopmentRacial Equity
Senior Program Officer
Oakland, California

Sasha Werblin is a Senior Program Officer for LISC Bay Area, where she manages the development and implementation of economic development initiatives. Her portfolio includes managing grants to Business Development Organizations, and building capacity for neighborhoods, parks, and commercial corridors to thrive.

Prior to LISC, Sasha was an Executive Staff Special Projects Manager at Self-Help FCU where she managed strategic initiatives related to core operations, managed partnerships, and fostered programs to increase mission supportive deposits. Before Self-Help, Sasha was the Economic Equity Director at the Greenlining Institute, where she led efforts to ensure that banks served the needs of diverse communities.

Sasha serves on the board of the Oakland Community Land Trust. She earned her B.A. in Sociology and Psychology from Smith College and received her Master’s in Business Administration from Mills College- Lorry I. Lokey School of Business and Policy.