Swati Ghosh

Focus Area:
Community and Economic Development
Ghosh_Swati_Fulcrum Cohort 5_Headshot 1 - Swati Ghosh
New Growth Innovation Network
Vice President, Insights and Innovations
Washington, District of Columbia

Swati Ghosh serves as Vice President of Insights and Innovations at New Growth Innovation Network (NGIN), a nonprofit focused on advancing inclusive economic growth models in the US.  In this capacity, she leads NGIN’s program delivery which deliver insights, best practices, and innovations to advance the field of inclusive economic development.

Swati’s current interest areas include centering community voices, climate change, technology-led growth models, and inclusive capital structures, especially how to drive equitable outcomes through cross-sectoral partnerships at the intersection of economic growth opportunities, community needs, and racial equity. 

Prior to NGIN, Swati served as the Senior Director of Research at International Economic Development Council (IEDC), where she led the research department in addition to contributing to technical assistance and training programs.  Swati has more than 15 years of experience in economic and community development, including analyzing and designing economic development strategies in entrepreneurship and workforce development, inclusive growth, economic recovery and diversification, and organizational capacity building, among others. She has authored several papers and articles on inclusive growth, economic development and related topics.

Swati has a Master of Government Administration and a Certificate in Public Finance from the University of Pennsylvania as well as a Bachelor of Urban Planning degree from the School of Planning & Architecture, India.  Swati is a Board member and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Work and Economy, and volunteers with Welcoming Falls Church, an organization focused on creating more welcoming environments for refugees and immigrants in the US. She is a mom of two human babies and one furry baby, and loves to spend her spare time reading, baking and enjoying the outdoors.