Gabriella Alexis

Gabi Alexis
Program Assistant, Partnerships & Initiatives

Gabriella Alexis is the Program Assistant for Partnerships and Initiatives. This role affords her the opportunity to support local stakeholders, allowing them to advance their communities and further multisector community development. In her previous role she worked on the North Miami Community Investment Cooperative at Catalyst Miami.  This allowed the opportunity to invest in her passions—building economic wealth and alleviating health disparities among Black communities. She is grateful to have been able to give back to the community that nourished and raised her through this work.

Gabriella holds a Bachelor’s in Family, Youth and Community Sciences from the University of Florida, where in June 2020, Gabriella started a research project studying the effects of COVID and the Black Lives Matter Movement on Black students. She and her team used this data to develop solutions for future times of crisis to amplify Black students’ voices at the university level.

Contact Gabriella by emailing [email protected]

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